One of those days……

It is one of those days,
When words feel short to express what she feels,
She tries hard and tries many ways,
To move on and somehow heal.

It is one of those days,
When the ironic silence deafens every other ring,
On the floor, senseless she lays,
Ironic is the pain that numbs her being.

It is one of those nights,
Darker than others, scarier than others,
Even the moon could not sneak in light,
Maybe it does not even bother.

It is one of those nights,
That does not seem to end,
She waits for the sun to ascend to its might,
And hope it does not betray like her other heavenly friend.

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Stuck at the crossroads of life,
Will I ever find a way?
Towards the glaring sun from the unyielding nights,
Towards the cool ocean while blistering at the shore of life,
Towards the oasis of life while wandering among the sands of pity,
Towards the calm of the woods from the blinding lights of the city,
Will I ever find a way?
Or will I forever run aimless, in a disarray?

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A choice I made……

Love that you wanted was never in me,
I hate that I left you in pieces,
But I could not let myself be with you,
while I was still figuring out what I needed.

Selfish and crude, call me all you want,
I hate that I made you feel unwanted,
But I did what I did for myself,
For our raw feelings might have imploded.

I was not what I made myself look,
I hate that I kept you in the dark,
But time made me realise I was filling a void,
Being with you felt like sitting on a loose bark.

I hope you forgive me and let this go,
I hate that I caused you pain,
But in my heart I knew we were never meant to be,
And the choice I made would not go in vain..

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Hello readers!!

It has been a while since we have been out of our homes. It baffles me that the world has become so restricted while once it used to be energetic and in constant motion! But that is the need of the hour. There is no telling as to when this pandemic will subside but hopes are substantially high. This post is just a reminder for everyone that things will be normal soon. When and how remains to be seen. So keep your wits, take up hobbies, keep your mental health tight, help those in need and most importantly stay happy!! Good health and prosperity to everyone reading this🌼🌼 P.s. Do not forget to wear mask and gloves!!

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Dear Skies,

Ask me once I will answer twice,
“Who is the prettiest of all?”
Flinch I will not, blink I will not and say “skies”

Why you ask? Why not I say……
Have you seen something more unpredictable than the blanket above your head?
Colours she changes, sometimes a monochrome, sometimes a motley;
Shades of teal, yellow, pink and purple taking turns to create a majestic body..

Oh how much I owe her, the floor of heaven!
I steal a glance and all I covet is thy beauty and the inexplicable graven,
And I forget about the everyday quandaries and soak in her eyeful haven….

Even sable she is extraordinarily able,
For stars adorn her being as a sheath,
Even caliginous she is extraordinarily magnanimous,
For the moon that leads the lost to a path ahead….

Dawn, twilight and dusk, oh she has layers in the many,
One cannot put a worth on the allure, not even a penny..

In rage she falls as tears and lightning,
In merry she dances in colours and soothing winds,
A Goddess in her prime, oh the skies!
Lucky was the bird and even the ill fated Icarus, for how close they could fly!!

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